A Tale of Ones


Written on 1/12/2011 by Jim Cerny

Last night's game between the Rangers and Canadiens at Madison Square Garden---particularly events surrounding the first two periods of play---provided quite the numerical oddity, one that really can't be replicated again for another 11 years and one month.

I shared this strange---and somewhat fascinating---information via Twitter (@jimcerny) during the game, but feel it's worth repeating here.

Yesterday's date was January 11, 2011, or in its numerical form 1/11/11.

After two periods of play last night the Rangers and Canadiens were tied 1-1.

OK, 1-1 score on 1/11/11. Cute. But who cares?

Well, both teams accumulated 11 shots on goal in the second period.

Yes, that's a bit more interesting. 1-1 game, and each team with 11 shots on goal, on 1/11/11. Not so bad.

But there's a bit more. In fact, the best part.

Montreal tied the game on a goal scored by Jaroslav Spacek late in the second period to forge that 1-1 deadlock. And how much time was showing on the scoreboard clock at MSG when the disc eluded Henrik Lundqvist?

Why, 1:11, of course.

So that's a game tied 1-1 on a goal scored with 1:11 to play in a second period which saw each team record 11 shots on goal in a game played on 1/11/11.

Not sure what that all means. But it was pretty cool.

Note to the NHL powers that be: Make sure to schedule the Rangers and Canadiens again on February 22, 2022. Let's see what kind of magic these two Original Six franchises can muster on 2/22/22.

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